About us

We combine blue-chip HR experience with legal and commercial expertise to solve the people challenges that constrain your organisation. We excel in fast-paced and highly complex environments. We enjoy working with employers looking for strategic insight into their people challenges with practical solutions for implementation.

Cultural assessments

Our hiring assessments are aimed at employers who want to create the kind of diverse workforce that will both champion their culture and meet their skills requirements. We design and deliver bespoke assessments mapped against your core cultural values which give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate who they really are. Our assessments challenge even the most able candidates, build your employer brand and give you vital information to make great hiring decisions and ensure successful inductions. We provide feedback and assessment of each candidate including input into effective onboarding and personal development planning for new hires.

Development interventions

We work with employers seeking to invest in their key people to develop their capability and lead their teams more effectively. We deliver high-impact, tailored development courses which translate innovative thought leadership and current best practice into relevant interventions. We cover key issues such as managing Generation Bean Bag, avoiding burnout, handling bias and appreciating diversity of thought. We tailor our interventions to ensure they are high-value, time efficient development opportunities for a senior cohort. We are able to operate in a challenging environment, with leaders who need to manage complexity and ambiguity.

Early stage talent

It is common for employers to grapple with the challenges of recruiting, retaining and engaging Generation Bean Bag. We offer development interventions that are commercially and strategically aligned with your business and also meet the aspirations and priorities of Generation Bean Bag. We work to develop the softer people skills at an early stage of career, avoiding future derailing of promising potential. We prioritise the development of inclusive thinking and behaviours from the career outset.

We offer a range of interventions including:

  • Know yourself to manage yourself
  • Satisfying ambition
  • Understanding Generation X
  • Building your personal brand
  • Dealing with failure and frustration
  • Avoiding burnout


We partner with employers to build a coaching programme that delivers the best value for their people and organisational culture. We are experienced in management coaching and using coaching to support early stage talent development. We believe that coaching is most effective when it is used flexibly so we will build a programme that is aligned to the goals of the organisation and the individual and will adapt it as necessary to achieve the best outcome. We are able to offer coaching packages on a day-rate. Where coaching is booked in high volume, we can maximise the value of the investment by building a strategic overview of key themes to inform hiring and development planning.