Chadwick Consulting.

We combine blue-chip HR experience with legal and commercial expertise to solve the people challenges that constrain your organisation. We excel in fast-paced and highly complex environments. We enjoy working with employers looking for strategic insight into their people challenges with practical solutions for implementation.

What we do

We partner with employers to help them find and develop their people.

Our approach

We translate commercial and strategic thinking into practical solutions that work.

  • Flexible

    Adaptable in fast-paced and highly complex environments

  • Strategic

    Experienced in aligning with the commercial context

  • Pragmatic

    Realistic in balancing time constraints with development goals

  • Commercial

    Driven to maximise the return on investment

  • Innovative

    Creative in finding solutions that make a lasting difference

  • Inclusive

    Committed to meaningful and authentic diversity

  • Passionate

    Dedicated to excellence from start to finish

  • Curious

    Positive in leveraging your culture and strengths

What people say

  • "Bright, passionate and get things done"
  • "Extremely impressed both in terms of overall execution and delivery against key deliverables, but also the depth of research and intellectual curiosity"
  • "Brilliantly honest training which was enjoyably confrontational"
  • "Skilled development that challenges the way you think"
  • "Excel with the complexity of finding cultural fit and building diverse teams"
  • "A refreshing change to our usual training"